3 Ways to Insert a Signature in Google Sheets

Do you need to insert a signature in your Google Sheets?

Signatures serve as a document’s proof of authenticity. Thanks to modern technology, people can now sign documents virtually and many computer programs provide this functionality, including Google Sheets.

This post will show you all the ways you can add your signature to Google Sheets.

Insert Signature with Drawing

The first method involves using the Scribble tool to create a signature.

You will find the Scribble tool in the drawing canvas.

Say you have an invoiced template created in Google Sheets, and you want to add a signature to it. Here’s how to do that with a scribble.

  1. Go to the Insert menu ribbon.
  2. Click on Drawing from the dropdown options.
  1. In the drawing dialogue box, click on the dropdown arrow beside the line icon and select Scribble.
  1. The mouse’s arrow becomes a dark cross. Use this to draw your signature.
  2. When done drawing, click on the select icon to change the mouse. Click and drag over the signature to highlight, then place the mouse over the selection until it turns to a white cross. When you see the white cross, right-click and select Group from the options.

Without grouping the signature characters, each item in the signature will be treated individually since each one was created separately. This will make it challenging to make certain changes to the drawing.

By grouping the signature, you can change things like the line weight and line color with ease.

For instance, to change the line weight, click on the Line weight icon and choose 12px from the options.

If you want to change the signature color, simply click on the Line color icon, and choose any color from the color palette.

  1. When you’re done with modifications on the signature, click on the Save and close commands.

After you save and close the drawing, the signature is transferred to the spreadsheet where you can easily drag and drop it to your preferred position.

Insert Signature with Insert Image

This is a much easier way to insert a signature in Google Sheets.

With this method, your signature must be in PNG or JPEG image file format and stored on your local storage or Google Drive account.

From there, you can insert the image of the signature into your spreadsheet using the insert image feature.

You can insert a signature image from Google Drive by following these steps.

  1. Click on the Insert menu ribbon.
  2. Click on the Image option from the dropdown.
  3. Select the Insert an image in the cell option.
  1. From the Insert image dialogue box, select the GOOGLE DRIVE tab and find.
  2. Select the document containing the signature you want to use.
  1. Click on Insert to add the image to the spreadsheet.

The Insert an image in the cell option places the inserted image in a cell while the Insert an image over the cells option inserts a floating image like when you use the drawing method to create the signature.

💡 Tip: When creating an image file for your signature, ensure to use a PNG file with transparent background. This makes the cell fill color and other background formats appear when you use the Insert an image over the cells option.

Insert Signature with the IMAGE Function

The IMAGE function allows you to add images inside a cell just like in the previous method discussed above. With the IMAGE function, you can only add an image from a URL.

= IMAGE ( URL, [mode], [height], [width] )

The IMAGE function has four arguments:

  • URL – This refers to the website location of the image. The web address must be surrounded by quotation marks. It’s the only compulsory argument.
  • [mode] – Used to control the size specification of the image using the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4. When set to 1, the image is resized as much as possible to fit in the cell while maintaining the image’s aspect ratio. Using 2 fits the image in the entire cell but disregards the aspect ratio while 3 keeps the image’s original size even if it is cropped. To use custom size settings, set the mode to 4.
  • [height] – This is used to set the image’s height when a custom size setting is specified in the [mode] argument.
  • [width] – This is used to set the image’s width when a custom size setting is specified in the [mode] argument.
= IMAGE ( "https://www.oksheets.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Example-Signature.png" )

Copy and paste this formula to insert a signature using the IMAGE function, where the URL is replaced with your own.


Adding a signature to your Google Sheets file can increase user confidence in the data.

With the scribble method, you can easily create a signature that looks handwritten.

If you’ve not got steady hands, the IMAGE function or insert image method are easier alternatives and will only require you to create the signature once to reuse.

Have you ever added a signature to your Google Sheets? How did you get it done? Let me know in the comments below!

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Oluwaseun Olatoye

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