How to Use and Customize Themes in Google Sheets

Do you want to use custom themes in Google Sheets?

Themes are a collection of design elements that include fonts, colors, and background images, that you can apply to your spreadsheet to give it a consistent and professional look. They are very useful for making your spreadsheet document look attractive and more aesthetically pleasing.

Google Sheets provides a range of customization options to make your spreadsheets look great.

This article will explore the benefits of using themes in Google Sheets and provide tips on how to customize them to suit your needs.

Applying a Built-in Theme in Google Sheets

Googles sheets come with a variety of built-in themes that can help you create a really polished spreadsheet. And, in just a few steps, you can apply anyone to your spreadsheet.

If you want to use a built-in theme, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Go to the Format menu.
  2. Select Themes from the dropdown.
  1. In the window that opens on the right side, choose from the list of pre-designed themes provided.

How to Customize Themes

If you don’t want to use any of the built-in themes, you can create yours by clicking on the Customize button in the Themes window.

From here, you can use the controls to change the Font, Colour, Chart background, and Hyperlink color.

Click on the Done button to save your theme.


Themes allow you to apply a consistent design to all the elements in your spreadsheet, including fonts, colors, and background images. By applying a theme, you can make your spreadsheet easier to read and navigate, and it can also help you stay organized and focused on your data.

In addition, customizing a theme can be a fun and creative way to make your spreadsheet stand out and express your unique personality or brand identity.

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Oluwaseun Olatoye

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