3 Ways to Save Google Sheets as PDF

In this post, you’re going to learn how to convert your Google Sheets to PDF.

PDF’s are the perfect option when you need to send a document to someone and you don’t want it to be modified. They can be easily shared, printed, and most devices are capable of viewing them.

Google Sheets makes it very easy to convert your document into a PDF and there are many ways to do this.

Each of the methods shown in this post is easy and efficient, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Get your copy of the example workbook and let’s get started!

Save Google Sheets as PDF with Download

This is the most straightforward way to convert your Google Sheets to PDF.

You can download the PDF and then do whatever you need with it.

Follow these steps to convert your sheet to PDF.

  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Select Download from the options.
  3. Select PDF from the submenu.

This will open up the print settings menu with the sheet ready to export as a PDF. If you’re happy with the current export settings, just press the EXPORT button to download the file as a PDF.

In the Export options, you can choose to either export the Current sheet or the Workbook. When you select the Workbook option, you will then get a Selection menu to choose which sheets to include.

This is great when you have multiple sheets you want to include in the PDF.

The PDF file will download and you should see the notification in your browser.

Save Google Sheets as PDF with Print

Printing the file is another option as you can print the workbook as a PDF!

The terminology of printing to PDF might sound strange, but it is just a way of saving the file as a PDF.

Click on the Print icon in the toolbar to open up the Print settings menu.

You can also use the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut as well.

This will open up the Print settings menu. Adjust any settings required then press the NEXT button.

This is the same menu as when downloading the file as PDF, so you will also be able to select which sheets you want to save as part of the PDF.

Now you can select the Destination to print to. In this case, select Save as PDF and then press the Save button.

This will open a file picker menu and you can choose the location and file name to save the PDF file on your hard drive.

💡 Tip: Invoices and other documents will look better when you print them without gridlines.

Save Google Sheets as PDF with Email This File

When you need to create a PDF version of the file, there’s a good chance you will also need to send this to someone.

You can perform the two jobs into one action by using the Email this file feature. This allows you to send the current file by email and you will get to choose the file format.

Follow these steps to email your workbook as a PDF.

  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Select Email from the options.
  3. Select Email this file from the submenu options.

This will open up a pop-up window where you can write an email.

  1. You can choose to Send yourself a copy for any record keeping purposes.
  2. Add any recipients to which you want to send the email.
  3. Add a Subject line for your email.
  4. Add the email Message body text.
  5. Choose PDF from the file type options.
  6. Press the Send button.

This will send the PDF via email to your selected recipients from your Google account email address.


There are a lot of reasons why you might need to save your Google Sheets file into a PDF. Thankfully, this is quite easy to do!

Google Sheets offers you several easy ways to convert your workbook to a PDF.

You can download as PDF, email as PDF, print as PDF. These will all

Do ever need to change your Google Sheets to PDF? Do you use any of these methods? Let me know in the comments section below!

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