Hello and welcome to OkSheets!

I’m John and I created this site to teach you about Google Sheets. I’m a huge spreadsheet nerd and hope this site will show you some of the cool things you can do with Google Sheets.

I started my career as an actuary and worked in the field for about 10 years. Truth be told, I didn’t like it, but I did love playing around in Excel while on the job.

When I left the actuarial profession, I landed in an ad tech company that was on the Google business suite and used Google Sheets!

The new job was interesting and it was exciting to work in the tech industry. But I hated Google Sheets!

It was still a spreadsheet, but there were so many little differences, that it felt like I was completely starting over sometimes.

It’s a few years later now, and I still prefer Excel, but I’ve learned to appreciate Google Sheets a lot more.

What’s with the site name? Google sheets are only ok, and not great or amazing?

I started my spreadsheet journey with Excel and still think it’s the more powerful option. So in comparison to Excel, Sheets are just ok! 🤣

I’ve also gotten used to saying the phrase “Ok Google” quite a bit and thought it would be great if you could query Google Sheets in a similar fashion.

To my surprise, the domain was available so I bought it and created this site! I hope you enjoy it and learn a few new things about Google Sheets. Every article on the site is outlined and edited by me to meet my high standards!

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📝 Note: This website is not affiliated in any way with Google or Alphabet Inc.

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